About Us


We  are a non-denominational, fundamental, Bible believing church, that  welcomes all who have a desire to study God's Word, rightly divided.

We  rest our faith wholly in the Lord Jesus Christ for our salvation. We  believe God has called us to preach and teach the Gospel of the Grace of  God as revealed by our resurrected, ascended and glorified Lord to and  through the Apostle Paul. We are committed to reach unsaved sinners and  edify other members of the Church, the Body of Christ.

Rom. 11:13,  Acts 9:15; 13:47; 18:6; 22:21; 26:20;   Rom. 1:13; 15:16,18;  Gal. 2:2;  Eph. 3:1,8;  1 Tim. 2:7;
2 Tim. 1:11; 4:17 

 We  are currently meeting at 14465 RH Johnson Blvd in Sun City West, AZ.  (The Sun City West Foundation building.) There is signage directing you  to our location.

Sunday Service:

10:30 AM - Worship Service  


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